Customer Reviews December 22 2018

    I recognize that when a customer visits my website, there is not much that tells them about how good the quality is of my product, how responsive I am to inquiries, or how I am meeting my ship times. So, I thought to put a link to my Etsy account which does have reviews from my customers over the years. If you would like to see what others say about Ware Design Works, then click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ware Design Works Hardware in Kitchen Renovation September 04 2018

Some of my hardware was featured in a design blog last year. The knobs and pulls in this kitchen renovation were made by Ware Design Works. The link to the blog is below.

I Am One Book February 12 2018

Nothing to do with hardware today on this post. We are happy to announce the publication of our first children's book. Right now it is only available on Amazon Kindle but will soon be available in other digital formats as well. We plan on having physical board book copies printed as soon as possible. 

I Am One is a unique book that was written by a large family that has experienced this age many times over. It is written from two perspectives; the child's who sees everything he does as positive and innocent, and the mother's who loves her child even with all the daily frustrations that comes with the age.This book is simple and fun for one year olds, and provides some humor for the rest of the family!

Head over to our Facebook page to get more information about the book.

Click the link below to view a sample,

Grateful for training February 09 2016

     Before I made hardware, I was a sculptor. I still am in fact. Technically I worked as a freelance model-maker. I have made things for Hasbro, The First Years, Rawcliffe, Reed and Barton and others. The thing I appreciate most about model making was the training that I received, especially learning under a master sculptor/model-maker. The man I trained under was constantly pushing me to take my skill to the next level. He tried to instill into me that I should never settle for "good enough". I am grateful for this.
     The picture is an example of my sculpting work. This one I sculpted for myself and not a company. This sculpture is of my wife when she was pregnant with our second son. Now we are up to seven sons. This sculpture is 10.5" tall. It was sculpted in wax. 
     I use the same skills that I learned while model-making to make the product on this website. You can see more of my work at .

Custom Sculpted Knobs February 01 2016

I was pretty jazzed when I received this order. It was my first custom sculpted knob request whereas I have had many custom wood orders. I shipped it to the customer this past September (2015). I used the same process to make this knob as when I make my own pewter knobs. The customer wanted a small and large hex knob. One hammered and the other smooth. She had a hard time finding what she wanted and so commissioned me for the project. She was very happy with the pieces which makes my job that much more enjoyable. This is the review she left on my Etsy shop page.

"Perfect. I knew exactly what I wanted for our new cabinet knobs and couldn't find it anywhere. Edward was so accommodating and even sent me a sketch so I could be reassured I knew what I was getting. I was so happy with them I ordered them for our entire living room and kitchen and upon request he made another new mold to create a larger size for our drawers. If you are looking for new knobs I would definitely check out his work. Thanks so much Edward!"

Other Custom Work January 28 2016

Aside from custom have hardware, I offer custom work on other things as well. The centerpiece in this back splash was sculpted for Andersen Ceramics down in Texas. Neal Andersen is the owner. It was based on a design that he already offered but a customer of his wanted a larger form of it so he contacted me, since I had done work for him previously. Neal's website is .

Stainless Steel Cabinet Pull with Walnut Posts Install January 25 2016

Here is a new install of my rectangle stainless steel bar cabinet pull with walnut posts. They are installed on hickory wood cabinets. This pull was designed by William Pike who interned with me for a short time last year. I am very happy when these sell because he receives royalties for each piece sold. 

Walnut and Mahogany Wood Pulls-Bathroom Install January 23 2016

Here is a picture of my walnut wood cabinet pulls with mahogany inlay installed in a renovated bathroom. I am always happy when my customers send me pictures. These were not altered at all from the original design. 

Custom Maple Cabinet Pulls January 22 2016

These pulls are installed in a home in Massachusetts. We presently live in South Carolina. This customer ordered one of my existing pulls, but after seeing it in person thought it was too thick for their cabinets. The dimensions for the existing pull are 7" long, 1 1/4" deep and 7/8" high. We altered it to 7" long, 1 5/16" deep and 1/2" high while keeping the integrity of the original design. The results were great. The customer was happy and that makes me happy.

Installation of "Out West", Handles and Hooks. January 06 2015

    Here is an installation of new hardware on a new vanity in California. I am not sure who built the vanity but it is very nice. The hardware was custom made after the customer asked for an alteration to an existing wood pull that I designed,"Dual Parallels", which was made of walnut with mahogany inlay. We took out the inlay and made them of just walnut. The customer then asked for custom single and double towel hooks to match the cabinet pulls. So now this bathroom has hardware pulls and hooks that go along very well with the style of the vanity and also fits very well into this bathroom. 

Making Custom Hardware January 03 2015

One of the things that differentiates Ware Design Works from many other producers of cabinet hardware is the ability to produce customized designs. Many of the existing designs on this website may be altered to suit the desires of my customers. For example, you see a wood pull that you like but would like like it longer or shorter or a different color or a different wood, no problem. These things can easily be modified. Or maybe you have a design in mind for a metal knob and pull that is nowhere to be found, that can be done as well. Ware Design Works has the sculpting, molding and casting resources to make essentially anything and the estimates are free.  Do you have something in mind? Maybe we I help.