Grateful for training

     Before I made hardware, I was a sculptor. I still am in fact. Technically I worked as a freelance model-maker. I have made things for Hasbro, The First Years, Rawcliffe, Reed and Barton and others. The thing I appreciate most about model making was the training that I received, especially learning under a master sculptor/model-maker. The man I trained under was constantly pushing me to take my skill to the next level. He tried to instill into me that I should never settle for "good enough". I am grateful for this.
     The picture is an example of my sculpting work. This one I sculpted for myself and not a company. This sculpture is of my wife when she was pregnant with our second son. Now we are up to seven sons. This sculpture is 10.5" tall. It was sculpted in wax. 
     I use the same skills that I learned while model-making to make the product on this website. You can see more of my work at .