Custom Sculpted Knobs

I was pretty jazzed when I received this order. It was my first custom sculpted knob request whereas I have had many custom wood orders. I shipped it to the customer this past September (2015). I used the same process to make this knob as when I make my own pewter knobs. The customer wanted a small and large hex knob. One hammered and the other smooth. She had a hard time finding what she wanted and so commissioned me for the project. She was very happy with the pieces which makes my job that much more enjoyable. This is the review she left on my Etsy shop page.

"Perfect. I knew exactly what I wanted for our new cabinet knobs and couldn't find it anywhere. Edward was so accommodating and even sent me a sketch so I could be reassured I knew what I was getting. I was so happy with them I ordered them for our entire living room and kitchen and upon request he made another new mold to create a larger size for our drawers. If you are looking for new knobs I would definitely check out his work. Thanks so much Edward!"