Installation of "Out West", Handles and Hooks. January 06 2015

    Here is an installation of new hardware on a new vanity in California. I am not sure who built the vanity but it is very nice. The hardware was custom made after the customer asked for an alteration to an existing wood pull that I designed,"Dual Parallels", which was made of walnut with mahogany inlay. We took out the inlay and made them of just walnut. The customer then asked for custom single and double towel hooks to match the cabinet pulls. So now this bathroom has hardware pulls and hooks that go along very well with the style of the vanity and also fits very well into this bathroom. 

Making Custom Hardware January 03 2015

One of the things that differentiates Ware Design Works from many other producers of cabinet hardware is the ability to produce customized designs. Many of the existing designs on this website may be altered to suit the desires of my customers. For example, you see a wood pull that you like but would like like it longer or shorter or a different color or a different wood, no problem. These things can easily be modified. Or maybe you have a design in mind for a metal knob and pull that is nowhere to be found, that can be done as well. Ware Design Works has the sculpting, molding and casting resources to make essentially anything and the estimates are free.  Do you have something in mind? Maybe we I help.